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As the two massive grapplers start the third and final fall Julie is riding high on success as the pill she slipped in Dominiques drink is having full effect. As she moves in close to a disoriented opponent she scoops her up as easy as lifting a feather and in one fluent motion wraps her arms around Dominique again but this time with the huge dominatrix being held upside down.
Julie bends her knees slightly, bringing Dominiques head in between Julies thighs and she clamps on tightly as both women have their breasts pressed against the others abdominals. 
The shiny stretched leather pants of Dominique is drawing Julie in close. Intending to run her tongue along the crotch of her opponent to satisfy herself her struggling opponent without even knowing it brings her massive thighs together and finds a blonde head trapped between them.
Julie squeezes harder with both arms and legs, drawing a muffled scream from Dominique.
But as she herself has brought her own head and neck into harms way she closes her eyes and grits her teeth.
Julie wins the test of strength as she feels the other girls legs release the pressure and the big canadian drops Dominique onto her back.

As she lays there trying hard to get back into the fight her legs are lifted up off the mat and are sucked into Julies armpits just a couple of seconds before Julie steps over her opponent and flips her over to face down.
As Julie sits down, hovering over her downed dominatrix she locks on a tight Boston crab, making her opponent howl in pain.
She leans back further, bringing Dominique to the edge of what she can take.
Turns out she can take more than her leather pants wich splits up on her kneecaps now and opening a large tear along the other quad.
Julie finally release the hold just moments before a match ending tapout. Giving the other wrestler a chance to catch her breath for a moment.

A frustrated furious Dominique stumbles across the mat once she gets up. Eyes like the rest of her covered in sweat.
Her hands still find their mark as she grabs with her left arm around Julies neck as the right arm goes between her thighs.
With humiliating ease she lifts her opponent despite her weakened condition. Holding Julie across her ample breasts for a moment she proceeds to drop the flailing musclegirl onto her extended knee.
Without releasing the hold she gets back up with her opponent in the same position as she prepares to drop her onto her knee again.
Julie realizing what she intends to do clamps on as hard as she can with her right hand on Dominiques crotch.
Julie shifts her weight away from Dominique, forcing her off balance. Making her stumble forward till she falls and rolls onto her back.
Julie seize the moment and quickly drags her up to her feet and steps behind Dominique.

Grabbing Dominiques left wrist in her left hand and sliding her right arm between her legs from behind Julie leans her opponent back and as she stands up straight her massive opponent is stretched out across the big canadian girls shoulders.
Once up there she grabs with her left hand on Dominiques chin.
As she presses down with all her might the mistress is again letting out a scream that will most likely bring the attention of at least some of her neighbors on this evening.
The incredibly painful backbreaker is bringing tears to Dominiques eyes and every muscle in her body is trembling as she is stretched to the absolute limit.
Waving wildly around with her massive arms she is completely helpless and all she can hope for is that Julie will set her back down on her own.
No such luck though as Julie intends to milk it for all its worth and toys with her would-be mistress a couple of minutes.
Every step Julie takes on the mat feels like a knife to Dominiques spine untill she finally comes to a halt.
As Julie drops to a knee that extra umpf shoots through her opponent like a bolt of lightning.
Dominiques left leg is caught in an akward position and as she struggles to form the words "i give" her body gives out and she is out cold from the intense pain.

This could very well be the end of Dominiques misery this evening but Julie is slightly more sadistic than that as she remembers she herself was not off the hook so easily after losing to Dominique the previous year.
As this sexy muscular mistress is out cold her screams have given way to the soft rasping sound of Julies feet moving across the mats and the sound of leather rubbing against leather.
Julie takes care not to slip on the slippery mats as she makes her way to the stairs, still with her victim in her clutches.
She carries her prey glued to her shoulders upstairs to Dominiques bedroom where she continues parading her around for her own satifaction.
In front of the mirror she stops to admire the awesome sight of one sweatsoaked musclegoddess strapped to the shoulders of another.
Standing there posing she is suddenly reminded of the toys she saw earlier in Dominiques closet.

Julie is filled with excitement as she carries Dominique over to her own bed and gently lays the valiant warrior down on her side.
She walks over to the open closet and her glance drops down to one of several purple toys on the bottom shelf.
She slowly slides out of her moist leather thong and picks up the toy.
Rubbing it against her breasts as she playfully touches herself.
She cant help but let out a girlish giggle before abruptly stopping to pick up a significantly larger dildo.
Certain situations all through her life has caused her to occasionally have a hard time to decide on things.
This is yet another of those occasions as she despite the furiosity and intensity of the match cares a great deal for the fallen warrior on the bed.
And doesnt want to hurt her by introducing a toy too large.
She spends minutes going over the alternatives before finally deciding to go big or go home.
Julie is nowhere near ready to leave and as she finds a suitable leather harness she slips it on and straps it in place.
As they are both still covered in sweat and the fan in the bedroom is on the sudden soft thud she hears behind her makes her freeze for a moment.
As she slowly turns around, her jaw drops to the sight of Dominique, the ultimate musclebound dominatrix standing before her.
Eyes wide open and apparently fully focused now that the effect of Julies pill has worn off.
With a trembling voice Julie mumbles  " you fully rested now..........mistress?...."

The end........?

"Ohh.daamn...those are some strong arms and legs on you.." Julie gasps as she gets back up on her feet.
" Ahh...thank you my beautiful slave..."
Julie looks surprised at her opponent. A profesional dominatrix with a resume second to none.
" You didnt think i was just gonna defeat you in wrestling and leave it at that did you?......Why do you think i wanted to go for leather?.."
Its evident that Julie is fighting for more than revenge for that humiliating defeat a year ago. Now she risks further humiliation by taking on the role of a submissive slave to her mistress. She is already dressed for the role.
She tries to get blood back into her arms and legs after playing the role of an anacondas victim from losing the first submission.

Small puddles of sweat has already formed on the mats. Dominique has her hands on her hips before signaling for Julie to come closer.
Her wish is granted as the massive guest rushes forward, hoping to maybe tackle her opponent and knock the wind out of her.
Instead Dominique sidesteps and slips up behind Julie, grabbing her in a bearhug from behind.
She grips the leather belt from behind as she uses her arms to wrap tightly around her victims obliques and her breasts against her back.
After a minute she changes the grip and clasps onto her own wrist. Grabbing just below Julies breasts.
This is having greater effect as Julie struggles to cath her breath.
She grabs onto Dominiques forearms, trying desperatly to free herself as she feels her naked feet just barely touching the mat.

Finally she is lifted and slammed down onto the mat before being rolled onto her back.
Dominique sits down beside her and immediatly grabs her right arm and locks it in tight in her own arms in an armbar.
Working on the joints of her opponent draws scream after scream from Julie. 
Julie is twisting and twirling in every wich direction that Dominique wants as she is able to control her with more technique and less brute strength.

Suddenly the pill slipped into the wine before the match is having an effect. Hitting Dominique hard and fast she is unable to focus.
Is it the high pitch screaming? Dominique thought to herself as she feels her grip slipping. As Julie is finally able to pull her arm free and get to her knees her opponent grabs her own head and tries to concentrate on the wrestling instead of the sudden splitting headache.

Julie springs to her feet and steps in front of her massive opponent. Leaning down and grabbing with both arms around Dominiques head she smacks her breasts right into her downed opponents face.
Now its Dominiques turn to get a face full of sweaty tits with one erect nipple being forced into her open mouth.
" Now who is the mistress of the house?.....and who is the slave gonna be huh?..."
Julie is loving every moment and every attempt from her opponent to slip free or get to her feet is met by a violent increase of pressure.

She finally even helps the dominatrix up on her feet for a moment before easily scooping her up for a bodyslam.
Dominique lands hard but luckily on the mats as sweat squirts in all directions.
" You sure did great getting these mats just so i can play out a little pro wrestling fantasy of mine..." Julie says as she repeats the move not once but twice. Driving the air out of Dominique who was already out of breath and struggling as she is again hoisted to her feet.

This time though Julie pulls her opponent into a warm gentle embrace as she locks on a chest to chest bearhug.
The pressure quickly turns serious though as Dominique makes the first attempt to pull herself free.
Instead Julie leans back just a little and lifts the american powerhouse off her feet.
Lifting her high enough to avoid any breastsmother attempt as she presses her cheek against the leather corset.
Dominique however is able to get her left hand up into Julies face and pushes her head back while reaching behind her back with the other.
Trying to pull at Julies wrists and forearms have little or no effect.
" Gaaahhh.....oooh ok.....ok you"
Julie returns the favour from the first submission and keeps the pressure on a little longer after her opponent tapping out.
Setting Dominique back down on her shaky legs Julie is taking a few steps back to catch her own breath.
" Whoah.....NOW we are having some fun here arent we mistress..."

As the women make their way downstairs again to the main floor livingroom they try to get inside each others skin with verbal taunts and an occasional slap on the others massive rear.
Its clear that neither girl has any significant size advantage here. Both standing 5'10" with Dominique having just a little over 10 pound weight advantage over the massive canadian blonde. Both women flaunting a pair of magnificently beautiful rock solid 27" guns and Dominique with 41" quads leaving Julies massive quads only an inch behind.
The hostess has decorated her powerful body with various tattoos on her throat, her back and more on her left arm than her right.
As Julie made her way to Dominiques town house her heart was pounding, knowing full well what Dominique is capable of but the wine earlier calmed her nerves a bit.
Julie is an incredible specimen in her own right and rippling with hard muscle on every inch of her impressive frame as she steps barefoot onto the mat in Dominiques livingroom. She clutches the mat with her toes before starting her warmup routine.
Her opponent doing the same as the chatting comes to a minimum.

Dominique walks over and turns the music they were listening to earlier off before stepping onto the mat again.
" Only music i wanna hear now is your moaning babe.." The taunting continues as they agree to do a best of three submissions match.
As Julie gets to her feet after warming up she, like her opponent is already glistening with sweat on this warm august evening in the american south.
Dominique turns the ac up to full effect but they both know that despite that its still gonna be a wet encounter for them both.
" Dont worry about making a mess here.....i got the shower ready for us afterwards and later you can take me out to dinner as my price for winning..haha.." Julie is playing along as she hopes the pill she slipped in Dominiques drink will take effect soon.

The match gets underway with both grapplers carefully circling each other. Each slapping away the opponents attempt at grabbing the others wrist. Finally they lock up in a clinch on the center of the mat. The moody lighting from a few lamps is dancing across their bodies as they twirl and try to move in closer.
Though Dominique started off in a leather corset her huge breasts have a way of quickly slipping out of its constraints from the first moments of any grappling she gets into. This is no exception as she within the first minute has managed to get her puppies out to play.
And play they do as she mash her breasts up against her opponents equally impressive breasts.
Both women get an immediate reaction as the nipples swell up in two seconds.

Out of nowhere Dominique has manuvered her body in position to flip her opponent in a high arch and landing her with a loud thud and a grunt.
She crashes down on top of Julie who lets out a loud " uummff" Julies right arm disappears between her opponents legs who clamps on tight.
The arms lock in just as tight around Julies neck, leaving the canadian nowhere to go. Grabbing and pulling with her free arm on the back of her opponents corset she tries to wiggle around to roll the american dominatrix off her but Dominique will have none of that.
The pressure increases with every second and Julie begins fearing the first submission will come hardly with any effort for her opponent.
Luckily though Dominique is in the mood to prolong her opponents suffering so she releases Julie as she gets to her knees.

As soon as Julie also gets to her knees though she again gets her neck trapped in her opponents grip. This time the big american has her left arm tight around Julies neck. Grabbing her own wrist to lock it in tight as she is sitting up on her knees.
Julie is on all four as she grabs a handful of leatherclad muscleglutes in her left hand. Fingers trying to dig into Dominiques flesh but the only reaction at first is a soft moaning  "Ummmm thats nice sweety....a little harder............thaaaats is...good girl..."
Julie begins choking as she struggles for air. Dominique hears it and releases the hold only to raise her opponent up on her knees.

The massive canadian blonde tries to clear the cobwebs as she feels a pair of legs wrapping around her midsection. As Dominique leans onto her back she pulls Julie on top of her. " I bet you love being on top dont you is your chance.."
Dominique is really starting to enjoy herself, taunting her opponent as she is quickly taking the fight out of the less experienced blonde lying on top of her.
Grabbing Julies massive arms in her hands and keeping them under control the ironlegs are softening up Julies midsection and she is grinning with pain. Hardly letting out more than an occasional grunt and a huff Dominique is impressed at how much pain and pressure her opponent can take. Huge guys have tapped out to less pressure than this. As Julies body begins trembling all over she is flipped onto her back and Dominique rolls on top.

She grips Julies wrists and places her arms out away from her body as she leans down with all her weight, covering her opponents face with her breasts. "Ooouummmm.......uummpppff..."
Already soaked with sweat Dominique now also gets the added effect of Julies spit all over her breasts as she grinds them all over the girls lips and extended tongue before raising up to sit up straight. She playfully begins pulling on her own erect nipples as she looks down at Julie who is wiping sweat and her own saliva from her face.

One brief moment is all Julie needs and Dominiques body is tossed off her to the side as she intends to counterattack.
But by the time she is back up on her knees Dominique has already slipped up behind her. As before Julie feels those massive legs clamping on tight around her waist. This time from behind and while she no longer has her face in Dominiques sweaty breasts she instead gets a pair of sweaty defined arms bulging with muscle wrapped tightly around her neck in a rear naked chokehold as Dominique again leans over on her back.
This time she crosses her ankles to increase the pressure level to way beyond leathal to any average mortal opponent.
Julie may be mortal but she is far from average and her huge thick traps and waist is whats saving her from internal damage.
With one massive arm trapped firmly within Dominiques legs she clamps on with the other at her opponents flexed arm.
Valiantly struggling for several minutes as the pressure on her neck and waist intensifies she is filled with frustration as she is completely helpless. Her eyes filled with tears and sweat and every muscle in her body trembling she finally swallows her pride and most likely a mixture of her own and Dominiques sweat and finally taps out just moments after Dominiques leather pants tears along her left thigh.
Julie is giving away the first fall to the lady of the house who keeps the pressure on a few more seconds before leaning her head forward and kisses Julies forehead before releasing her prey. " Oh damn pants......"

The intense heat of the day lingered on during the late august afternoon as two massive figures try to cool off with some wine.
Dominique had trouble concentrating in the gym as she was excited about having company in the afternoon.
Julie is no ordinary visitor weighting in at a massive 275 ponds of female musclebeef.
Her blond hair draped over her shoulders as she is filling up the couch in Dominiques livingroom nicely.
She would look out of place with just about any man or woman by her side but the hostess is every bit her equal tipping the scales at an incredible 287 pounds.

Every now and then the quiet neighborhood is interrupted by loud laughter as the two women are sharing a bottle of red wine.
The ac unit is doing its best to cool off the ladies but the drinks makes the women  more than a bit touchy and chatty.
Every stroke of an arm or brush up against the others shoulders or chest makes the girls sweat a little more
Just about every topic imaginable is covered as the late afternoon slowly gives way to the evening.

Talking about everything from politics to their sexlife its only natural that such massive women built for battle eventually get into the subject of wrestling.
Dominique gets a glimmer in her eyes as they explore her favourite topic.
The ladies puts on a little display for each other with a bicep flex here and a most muscular pose there as they both brag about their exploits.
Both ladies has left a trail of bruised egos and broken bones among the men and women they have encountered during the years.

Perhaps its the wine talking as Julie finally asks with a crisp french girly tone in her voice..."'ve been admiring these guns of mine for a while now Dominique...would you like to find out what i can do with them?......A little muscle tussle perhaps? "
Julie is again striking an impressive pose with her defined 27inch bicep just inches from Dominiques face.
" Are you challenging me to a wrestling match Julie? "she asks as she reaches out and begins trailing the veins in her guests flexed arm.
" Mmmmmm...absolutely darling.......what do you say?.."
Dominique is surprised by the question as the two met just about a year ago at an event where Dominique pretty much had her way with Julie when they first tried wrestling with each other.
Julie is evey bit as strong as her opponent but at a great disadvantage as Dominique has years of experience from judo and brazilian jiujitsu among other things that she brings to the wrestling table.
" I would absolutely loooove to take you on sweety.."
Dominique struggles to hide her excitement and confidence. Hmm, how could she have forgotten what happened last time she thinks to herself as she excuses herself to go to the bathroom before they get started.

Julie finds herself alone in the couch as an evil grin comes across her face for a moment.
As she hears Dominique in the bathroom she picks up her gym bag from the floor and places it on her lap.
She reaches down into a side compartment and comes up with a couple of inocent looking pills and lets one of them drop back into her bag.
" One should be enough....this will ensure it will not be a repeat of the outcome last time.." she thinks to herself as she plops it into Dominiques wineglass and stirs it around a few seconds with her finger.
As Dominique comes back out she is greeted by Julie on her feet. Handing Dominique her drink and raising her own glass in a toast.
" To an unforgettable evening and a kickass experience sealing our friendship forever.." Julie boasts as the two clings their glasses together and almost competes with each other who can finish her drink first.

They move some furniture around and the hostess brings out a series of smaller mats that fits together like a puzzle on the livingroom floor.
After that they make their way upstairs to Dominiques bedroom and a large closet.
Dominique immediatly starts up a fan she has in that room as they both felt the wave of heat that hit them as they got to the top of the stairs.
It quickly starts having a little effect but its clear to Julie why her partner prefers to sleep in her basement on those hot summer nights.
" I cant imagine that you brought anything suitable to wear for a wrestling match in that bag of yours so i will let you pick out something from here.." Julie was already considering if the two needed to wear anything at all as its gonna get soaked in no time at all.
But as Dominique opens the closet Julie begins to gaze like a 5 year old girl in a candy store.
The distinct smell of leather hits them both as Julie gets first pick.

The ladies race to slip out of their clothes untill they get to removing their underwear. Oddly they both seem to want to slow down when removing that as they both try to out do the other as they twirl and playfully flirt with each other while the last garments fall and end up in a heap in a corner of the room.
As Julie turns her attention back to the closet she reaches for a pair of shiny black leather bracelets for her wrists.
Followed by a matching neck collar and a skimpy tiny leather thong bottom with a few rounded studds.
Last she picks up a shiny belt from the inside of one of the closet doors and steps back, allowing her opponent to have her pick.
Dominique knows exactly what to choose when facing this massive figure standing a few feet behind her.
She starts by following the other girls example and picks out a similar pair of bracelets and neck collar.
Then she puts on a tight leather corset wich seems made especially for her.
After that Dominique picks a pair of leather pants from one of the shelfves and begins the task of trying to pull them up over her large rounded muscular thighs and glutes. She succeeds as so many times before and finally picks up a pair of knee high leather boots.
The aroma of leather is thick in the room as both women have already started sweating significantly just from getting dressed.

As Dominique zips up her boot she looks up at her opponent with a smile full of confidence.
" So Julie....are you ready for this?....You dont even remember last time do ya?  Hope i didnt hurt you too badly back then...Well if your body remembers that as being a rough tussle you aint seen nuttin yet..haha"
The confident remarks makes the massive canadian bombshell slightly irritaded as she, like her opponent takes every bout very seriously.
Her body and mind both remembers very well what happened a year ago when Julie tried to match up to her opponent with brute force alone and came up short. Though she has trained specifically for this and added even more mass than last time they both know that Dominique has the edge when it comes to experience.
Since last time Dominique has also gotten under the needle on numerous occasions. Decorating her massive frame with one tattoo after another including one huge backpiece. Julie on the other hand bears no evident signs of ink on her impressive physique.
Both girls eyes glisten and they begin to tremble with anticipation for what is about to follow..........


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